Why is Sisal carpets the best natural option?


The word with sisal carpets is durability. Made from the sisalana, or agave, plant native to Brazil, Mexico, and Africa, sisal carpets fibers are the toughest of the group (they’re often used to make rope and twine). Like jute, sisal can be dyed and comes in a range of earthy hues. This carpet is the best option when shopping for a natural-fiber carpet, keep placement, usage, look and feel in mind. Do you have young children who’ll sit or play on the carpet? You won’t want to pick a scratchy weave. Shopping for a high-traffic spot? Choose this darker hue or a stain-resistant weave to keep it looking fresh.

High-traffic areas include hallways, family rooms, the foyer and entryway, and the kitchen. Sisal carpets that are durable and stain-resistant are best for these spaces.

Medium-traffic rooms get regular use but aren’t main thoroughfares for your home, think the dining room and the home office.

Low-traffic spaces include bedrooms, formal living rooms, and guest rooms. Sisal carpets in these rooms will get the least wear and tear, so don’t be afraid to go luxe with lighter colors and softer materials.

Sisal carpets are among the few natural carpets that you can find on the market. Being natural makes it a good option to go for, as this is an assurance of durability and an environmentally friendly product. Besides this, sisal carpets offer other advantages.

Design flexibility

With sisal carpets, you can achieve design flexibility in your home. Sisal’s natural color allows it to blend with both cool and warm colors and other home accessories and still attain beauty. With this attribute, you only need to employ a little bit of creativity to ensure your home looks beautiful around the clock.

Resistance to stains

Cleaning carpets can be daunting especially when you must relax from daily activities. However, this can never be a hassle while having sisal carpets. These carpets are resistant to tough stains, and for that reason, you can use ordinary means of cleaning at your convenience.


sisal carpets look stunningly beautiful for a long time and depreciate at a very low rate. It takes a long time to notice signs of wear and tear of sisal-made carpets. This implies that you do not have to shop often for another carpet.


Unlike some types of carpets that are not resistant to electric shocks, sisal carpets are resistant to electric shocks. As such, one can relax on the mat without fear of electric shocks. More to this, sisal carpets are warm, and this is a great feature especially in cold seasons


Unlike other carpets, our sisal carpets are a cheaper option. This could be because sisal is available in most parts of the country and because it is cheap to produce and manufacture. That implies that every class of people can afford them.

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