What To Do With Leftover Granite 


When you are shopping for granite for your kitchen countertops, you do not buy the exact amount to be used. No matter how accurate you try to be, you are bound to be left with some pieces of granite after the installation is over. Most homeowners are clueless about what to do with the leftover pieces and throw them away. However, that is a great waste of good quality granite and money. 

If you are wondering what to do with leftover granite, there are various options available. You will be surprised to find out that there are so many things you can put granite use to. To buy the best quality granite for your home, visit Granite au Sommet

Things you can do with leftover granite 

  • Cutting board. 

Granite is an extremely hard material and resistant to scratches, making it the perfect cutting board. Although daily wear and tear can incur some scratches over time, it would not be a big deal since you will only be using the piece as a cutting board and not a decoration. Apart from using the board to cut vegetables, you can also roll out dough on it when making cookies. 

  • Earthly coasters. 

One thing you may not have seen in any of your friends’ homes is a granite coaster. Not all remaining pieces of granite are large, but that does not mean you cannot put them to use. Usually, coasters are round or square, but that does not have to be the case with you. You can have randomly shaped earthly coasters. These will be unique and eye-catching for your guests. 

  • Whiskey stones. 

Creating a set of whiskey stones is a nice idea when the granite pieces left are very small. If you do not like ice melting down and diluting your drink, you can use whiskey stones made out of granite. All you need to do is ask the installers to cut the remaining pieces into small square cubes. When they are done, clean these cubes properly and put them into the freezer to chill. Put these in your drink instead of ice cubes the next time you drink whiskey. 

  • Coffee table.

This one is a great idea, but you will probably need to have big pieces of granite left. If you have an old table but do not like its boring design, you can improve its appearance by giving it a new top. You can ask the installers to cut the granite into any shape you want, be it round, oval, square, or rectangular. This can be the perfect way to DIY an old, lying table without spending a penny on it.