A Comprehensive Guide to Water Heater Installation in Singapore for Landed Property Homes


Water heaters are an essential part of any modern home, providing comfort and convenience for showers and baths. In Singapore, where landed properties often feature multiple bathrooms, the installation of a water heater requires careful planning and expertise. This article offers a guide to water heater installation in Singapore for landed property homes.

Understanding Your Options

There are four main types of water heaters available in Singapore: storage (electric), instant (electric), and gas water heaters. Storage heaters, which are larger with a basic size of a 40-litre tank, can easily fit into bathrooms and meet the requirements of Singapore apartments. Instant heaters provide hot water on demand, while gas heaters use natural gas and are generally more energy-efficient.

The Importance of Proper Installation

Incorrect water heater installations can be dangerous. Since 2014, all electrocution deaths at residential flats in Singapore were linked to water heaters. Therefore, it is crucial that your water heater is installed correctly, following safety guidelines and regulations.

Hiring a Licensed Plumber

In Singapore, the installation of storage water heaters can only be carried out by PUB Licensed Plumbers. Several companies offer water heater installation services, such as Homeone, which provides a 1-year warranty for the heater installation, including the heater, parts, and labour at no cost.

Cost of Installation

The cost of installing a storage water heater in Singapore can vary depending on whether pipe changes are necessary. Without pipe changes, the cost starts from around $100, while with pipe changes, it can start from $150.

After Installation Care

Once the water heater is installed, regular maintenance is essential to ensure its longevity and efficiency. Services like Water Heater City Singapore offer complete water heater services, including water heater installation, replacement, and diagnosis of water heater issues.

In conclusion, installing a water heater on a landed property in Singapore involves understanding the different types of heaters, ensuring proper installation for safety, hiring licensed professionals, and considering the cost of installation and subsequent maintenance. By following these steps, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of a reliable and efficient water heater system in their homes.