Selling Your House: Keys to Finding the Right Real Estate Agent


Whatever may be the reason behind selling houses, people usually want two things:

  • Sell it faster
  • Sell it at higher prices

Well, you may assume that if you want to sell your house faster, you may have to compromise on price a little bit. However, that’s a misconception. 

It is utterly possible to sell your house both fast and at a higher price. All you need to do is to be careful about it. You need to understand how to attract potential buyers and how to make your house attractive to them. 

If you are interested in selling your house at a good price and selling it fast, you should hire the right realtor. 

Hiring the Right Real Estate Agent

As you attempt to sell your house fast, you should never compromise on the expertise of the real estate agent that you hire. 

In fact, one of the main reasons why your house may not sell fast maybe because your house is in the hands of the wrong right real estate agent. 

The agent you choose must be able to know and understand the local market. For instance, if you are from Montreal, Anthony D’anello can help sell your house fast and at a good price, along with offering you a free evaluation service. 

Here are three things you should look for in a real estate agent:

  • Knowledge of the local market

An expert realtor is one who knows every bit of the local market. Hiring the right realtor will help you sell your house at a fair price. 

Your realtor must be able to give you solid insight into the market and tell you the real value of your house. A good realtor will also suggest to you how you can increase the value of your house in your local market. 

  • The Right Designation 

You should know that all real estate agents are not fit for selling your house. Some are good at helping you sell a house, others at buying or renting a house. 

So, you need to be looking for specific types of realtors that can sell your house and do so efficiently and quickly. 

  • Reasonable Charges

Your realtor will, of course, charge you for his or her services; however, you should make sure that their fees are reasonable. 

Your real estate agent doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Anyone with good expertise that charges 5% to 6% commission would be great. 


Most people want to sell their house both quickly and at a good price, but they end up hiring the wrong realtors mostly. The best way to sell your house at a fair price and quickly is to make sure your realtor is aware of your local market.