A Beverage Cooler Can Be The Best Choice Refrigerator For Your Home


The beverage Cooler – EMPV is perfect for your office or home! This appliance combines the refrigerator and cooler sections into one unit that provides flexibility in the space you have available. Also, with a built-in ice maker and an automatic defrost cycle, you will find this refrigerator/cooler extremely convenient. With a capacity of 33 bottles, it can easily accommodate your family’s needs for beverages on hot summer evenings. Inside it has separate compartments for different types of drinks.

The Dual Zone Beverage Refrigerator/Cooler helps you save space and money. With a temperature range of up to 20°F, you can keep cold beverages such as iced tea or Gatorade chilled for 4 hours at the base of the refrigerator and 2 hours at the top. A water dispenser keeps your favorite drinks ice cold with convenient easy access from both sides. Each side can hold up to two bottles

The specialty of beverage cooler

The beverage Cooler combines the convenience and style of an ice bucket with the performance of a modern cooler. It has a stainless-steel bowl design that keeps drinks chilled for hours and the ice-crush feature maximizes space efficiency. It’s perfect for serving refreshing iced beverages at your next picnic, beach party, dinner party, or backyard barbecue.

This dual zone beverage refrigerator, cooler, and dispenser can be used to keep a variety of beverages at your fingertips. This beverage fridge comes with an electric compressor, which is ideal for keeping drinks cold throughout the day – while still having the ability to quickly defrost drinks as needed. The glass door design also allows you to view exactly what you’re holding in this refrigerated unit.

Great for serving two different beverages, a wet and dry compartment for ice and condiments, Ice maker with a drip tray to help maximize your use. This will also ensure that you have the right value for your money.

Final verdict

This beverage cooler is perfect for your next outdoor party. It holds a wide variety of drinks, and the heavy-duty lid keeps beverages cold for hours. These coolers can hold up to twenty-nine cans plus ice and have enough space for ice cubes. One twelve oz soda can fit into the front pocket easily. This item is ideal for tailgating and family reunions, or if you want to take beverages along on camping trips.