Which Tiles Can Help You Revamp Your Bathroom?

Updated bathroom design with light blue walls and decor, glass shower, round chandelier ball above the tub area, glass sink bowl and tiled floor.

When you hear tiles, the first thing that comes to your mind is the bathroom. Bathroom is one of the most important parts of a household, and keeping it decorated and protected is just as important. Tiles can be very helpful in this scenario since they can be used for decoration and beautifying this space, as well as protecting the walls from moisture and scratches. While there are multiple styles, types, shapes, and sizes of tiles for bathroom, here we have listed some of the best ones that can help you accentuate the same.

Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are a big player and an evergreen choice in the tile market. In mosaic tiles, the tile piece is divided into small blocks of equal sizes and has multiple colors that pop the overall color tone of the place. Its vibrant patterns can instantly catch the eye of the viewers. Regular cleaning maintains the glaze; thus, the tile lasts longer.

Monotone tiles

Over the past few years, monotone tiles have taken the market by storm as the world strides towards modernization. They are subtle yet provide an elegant and modern look to the bathroom. Moreover, monotone tiles have the power to accentuate the space in your bathroom. Since there are no or minimal patterns, they do not congest the space, thus making it look bigger. 

Floral tiles

Floral pattern tiles bring calmness and a sense of nature to the surroundings when mixed with light colors. For modern-day bathroom decor, floral tiles are quite popular due to their soothing and bright shades. However, with floral tiles, you can go versatile in your combination, pairing up light-colored floral tiles with dark, mono-colored tiles to create an eye-catching contrast.

Grey tiles

Grey is quite a popular color in modern and urban decor. However, many people are reluctant to get grey tiles feeling that it might darken the overall decor. In contrast, due to advancements, multiple shades of grey are available these days, starting from the lightest to the darkest ones. Depending on your choice, you can select the tone to make your bathroom look elegant.


Marble goes synonymously with luxury. Marbles have intricate designs through veins, be it of any color. However, white marble is the best choice for bathroom fittings since it brightens up the whole space.

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