Today, exhibition carpet is used in more and more places. The product is used not only to decorate hotels and senior clubs, but also in home decor. It can protect furniture from being scratched on the floor, make people feel more at ease, and the most important thing is that the carpet has a rich color.

Benefits of exhibition carpet:

  • Exhibition carpets with properties that prevent flames from spreading, but not all carpets possess this property. However, regardless of whether it is carpet of a general or flame-retardant type, if a cigarette falls into any of the aforementioned, at most a small coal pit will be ignited. Therefore, a small piece of the remaining material should be prepared before the carpet is installed indoors. In this situation, you can burn the carpet haircut with a pair of scissors. If you leave the material smaller than the blanket haircut, you can re occupy the glue after fixing the charred pit department until the dry after finishing can be. Naturally, the best practice is to avoid smoking while laying a carpet.
  • All exhibition blankets that have been in use for some time should be cleaned with mechanical equipment provided by a professional cleaning company. Regular cleaning can make home carpets last longer and look better.
  • If the site is going to use milk moisture for a short time, a mop that has been dipped in milk can be used; If it’s grease from plants and animals, cotton dipped in gasoline of high purity can be used to clean; If it’s beer or fruit juice, you should first scrub it with a soft cloth dipped in a detergent solution before using warm water and a small amount of vinegar solution; In the event that ink stains are difficult to remove, fine salt mixed with warm water and soap can be used to wash them apart.

Since the majority of families now live in carpets, many people choose to throw them away because they find the chore of cleaning and maintaining them to be too difficult. However, since there are now three types of materials for carpet maintenance, some of the better-quality carpets need to be maintained or thrown away.

  • Wool carpet maintenance

The price of wool carpets on the market is relatively high so that longer-lasting wool carpets can be used, requiring careful care and reasonable cleaning practices. The so-called dry carpet should not be dried in the sun because doing so will cause the carpet to fade. Then, washed wool carpet cleaning also requires expertise; we typically do not clean wool, which was frequently sent to shop to be cleaned. Wool is prone to dust mites; therefore, if the carpet is made of real wool, the pest control agent should not be re-used; wool corrosion should be avoided; insect repellent should not come into direct contact with the carpet. 

  • silk carpet maintenance

Silk carpet must be cleaned by a professional because silk carpet may fade if it is in contact with soiled water, like washing powder or fruit juice. Silk carpet is hard for worms to eat, so it’s a good collection. But for something so delicate, I’m not sure if they’ll sweep it under the carpet. 

  • chemical fiber carpet maintenance

Chemical fiber carpet maintenance is not like silk so delicate, chemical fiber carpet can be washed with water, there was no need to go to a professional cleaning shop cleaning, if the area is not large, can also direct rinse can be.