SPF Lumber: Types and Uses


Spruce, pine, and fir trees are so incredibly similar in structure and form that they all can actually be interchanged for one another in many parts of the world, especially in the United States and Canada. 

There is a whole separate term based on such similarities, known as SPF wood. Harvesters across the world usually harvest spruce, pine, and fir together and sell them under the umbrella of SPF wood. 

The similarities between these three types of wood are so outstanding that most people won’t even be able to say which is which. 

Types of SPF Wood

SPF wood can further be divided into two basic types of wood:

  1. Western SPF Wood

Western SPF wood is cheaper than other ones. It is common in Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, California, Washington, and Wyoming. They are further classified as:

  • White spruce 
  • Engelmann spruce 
  • Lodgepole pine 
  • Alpine fir 
  1. Eastern SPF Wood

Eastern SPF wood species are common in Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and many other Canadian provinces. They could further be classified as:

  • Black spruce 
  • Red spruce 
  • White spruce 
  • Jack pine 
  • Balsam fir 

Uses of SPF

Since SPF lumber is inexpensive and has a really good quality, it is one of the most widely used types of wood both in the west and the east. Here are some of the widely known SPF uses:

  • Building and Construction Material

SPF lumber is a great building material. You can use it easily to build a house or a small room, and you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. SPF will never disappoint you as a building and construction material. 

  • Furniture 

It would be absolutely perfect for your home’s furniture. Also, SPF lumber is great for all sorts of crates, fences, pallets, and any other wooden structures and objects. 

Just make sure you buy a trustworthy version of it, such as the Spec Wood spf low grade types of lumber. SPF furniture is really good-looking, comfortable, and inexpensive. 

  • Other Uses

SPF lumber can also be used for less harsh purposes, such as packaging. They make really great packaging materials because of their low weight, durability, and strength. 

The strength-to-weight ratio of SPF wood is outstanding. SPF can also be used as structural support. So, most people usually prefer them even over hardwoods. 


SPF lumber, due to its amazing qualities, can be used for all sorts of woodworks. SPF should be on top of your list whenever you consider buying crates, pallets, or lumber.