Some of the Most Trending Blinds in 2022


Renovating your dream home can be challenging. With the variety of every item available in the market, buyers are more likely to get confused than exhilarated. While choosing items for the house, one must take several things into consideration, such as the size and layout of the house, the amount of light entering the house or the intended statement one wants to make. After coming to terms with several such things, one must then make sure that it stays within the budget. 

Choosing smaller but noticeable things like the blinds can upgrade a house as well as give the effect you want it to. So, let us check out a few popular blinds in 2022.

  • Cordless blinds

A newer trend in blinds, are the cordless ones, wherein you don’t have to spend energy trying to untangle and loosen the knots. The only thing you have to do is lift and drop them as per your convenience. These are the types of blinds that offer convenience, comfort and ease, as opposed to the traditional ones. Further, since cordless blinds are available in numerous styles, colors and patterns, they are becoming popular by the day, in 2022.

  • Zebra blinds

Zebra blinds have been taking the industry by storm in 2022! It’s the blend of elegance and uniqueness that sets them apart. While these appear to be roller blinds upon the first glance, when used, you realize that they’re a combination of solid and opaque fabric in a single blind. And when pulled over by the pull-cord, the cloth loop slides up and down that causes the front stripping to pass over to the rear ones. So, if the uniqueness of the Zebra blinds intrigues you, you can give these blinds a try.

  • Eco-friendly blinds

With everything going eco-friendly these days, manufacturers in the creative industry have come up with the eco-friendly blinds. These blinds offer indoor air cleanliness and are a great alternative to the traditional blinds. Energy-efficient blinds can save up to 40 percent of your electricity bill, and block up to 90 percent of the natural light at the same time. Given the eco-friendly nature of these products, and the economical prices as well, their demand has been increasing over the years. 

When it comes to purchasing blinds, there are countless options available. But if you intend to invest in what’s trending, you may have to do a bit of research. You can now find a wide variety of trendy blinds at Decor Chantilly blinds store