Smart Curtains as A Touch of Luxury:


When TV remote control systems came out, many people thought that TV remote controls were pointless and cumbersome to hold. Now we all have televisions that can be controlled with a remote control, and we don’t think about going back to the old way of waking up and changing channels. Are the smart curtains the same? Currently, you can use either infrared remote control only or infrared control and time with a light sensor. Now manufacture smart curtains tracks that work with handsets or built-in wireless receivers that connect to your existing home entertainment system. You can even set it up to open and close with your internet-enabled phone. Motorized curtain tracks are designed to open and close curtains without touching them or having cords hanging to one side. In the past, motorized curtain tracks were considered dubious and probably only purchased by the very wealthy. It is now considered safer and more secure than other curtains track options. There are many different options that offer different benefits depending on what you are looking for.

Smart curtain rods are now available as well. Conventional curtain rails often need to be replaced when the curtains begin to stick together, making it difficult to open and close the curtains. Many of the luxury curtain sets on the market today are made from very heavy materials. Manual operation may be unsafe, especially when using pull cords, as this can pose serious health and safety hazards, including a strangulation hazard for small children.

Security for Your Home

Smart curtain rails can increase the security of your home by creating the illusion that someone is home even when they are not. They have long had lights that we could turn on and off ourselves, but now the smart curtain rails that we can open and close when we’re not home. Smart curtain tracks with timers and light sensors You can set it to close when it gets dark and open when it gets light. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted to account for the amount of light in the environment, so you don’t have to close the curtains when dark clouds gather or open them when the sun rises. The timer overrides the sensor and can be set to open and close at specific times.

Added Child Safety

Motorized curtain tracks eliminate the cables found in some curtain tracks and blind systems. If you are using corded curtain tracks or blinds, make sure they are secured to the wall. Electric curtain rails for bay windows can also be manufactured. Finding quality curtain rails or rods for bay windows can be very difficult as many home improvement stores do not have the resources or facilities to bend the rails. The manufacturing of bay window curtain tracks is completed with special software technology that verifies measurements and ensures they are completely accurate. This allows manufacturers to create an electric track system that perfectly matches the bay window. However, this smart curtain technology is safest for small children.