Pros and Cons of Blackout Curtains


Decking your home can be both fun and confusing at the same time. You want to choose the right items so that your home shows your style and flair. The window coverings you choose are possibly one of the most important beautifying decisions you are going to make. If you have been considering Blackout curtains, here are the pros and cons to help you make your decision:

Blackout Curtains Are Harmless for Small Children

If you have small kids in the home, especially toddlers, you will find that blackout curtains are somewhat not dangerous for them. Blinds have ropes, drawstrings, or other types of mechanisms that an infant can easily get their hands on. A disaster can assault when the child decides to cover these mechanisms around their neck.

Blackout Curtains Provide Energy Savings

Blackout curtains were used to hide people, during World War II. The curtains were simply haggard shut and the enemy could not see who was inside the home. The curtains were also used to make it hard for planes to find residential areas. Regular curtains did not offer this type of protection because the light from the inside could allow combat enemies to see in.

Nowadays, people don’t use blackout curtains to hide. Instead, they are used to avoid too much sunlight from coming in. Throughout the summer, the sun can heat a room through a window importantly. When this happens, your air conditioner will have to function harder to cool the room. Blackout curtains stop this so that your air conditioner doesn’t have to work so hard, permitting you to see cheaper energy bills.

Blackout Curtains Are Accessible to Match Any D├ęcor

Blackout curtains come in many colors. You can easily match them up to your wall color, or create a different look in your home by choosing a changed color of curtains.


Blackout Curtains Can Be Costly

Depending on where you shop, and the style of blackout curtains you select, some brands can be costly.

As you are spending on window treatments for your home, check out blackout curtains to choose whether you feel they will be appropriate for your home. As with anything else, the pros and cons of blackout curtains are all about what’s correct for you and your family.

Blackout Curtains Completely Darken a Room

When you buy blackout curtains, prepare yourself for the fact that your room will be very dim when the curtains are closed. You may need to maneuver additional lamps or other lights to obtain the look and feel you want for your room. This is specifically true if you plan to read, but would like the curtains drawn while doing so.

Blackout Curtains May Need Additional Accessories for Style

Some people find blackout curtains to be deficient in style. If you like the idea of saving energy and creating the room safer for young children, but would still like to enhance a little bit of flair to the design, you do have options.

Purchase a board to go across the top, or choose a sheer or lace panel to go after the blackout curtains.