Looking at The Most Prominent Features Of Office Carpet Tiles


Even though so many carpet types are available in the market, many business owners today are trying to incorporate office carpet tiles in their workspaces. This is because there are surprisingly several benefits that come along with the use of office carpet tiles. Thanks to the simple installation and incredible durability, these tiles have long been used to protect office flooring. Unlike stone tiles and hardwood flooring, office carpet tiles allow for better moisture retention, traction, and streamlined aesthetics.

Before discovering the benefits of office carpet tiles, let us know what they exactly are;

Office Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles, as the name implies, are tiles made from carpets. They are often found in higher-traffic areas because of their superior durability. They are small carpet pieces cut into rectangles or squares that are installed together to create a large carpet.

Office carpet tiles are created the same as other carpets. They are smaller tiles and each tile has individual backing that creates a smooth surface for installation. These backings are not as plushy or soft as wall-to-wall carpeting, but still allow for warmth, and comfort, and help with the acoustics of the office space.

The size of these tiles depends on the place where they are going to install. But most are either 1×2 foot rectangle tiles or 2×2 foot square tiles. They are also available in other shapes such as triangles pentagons, and hexagons.

Let’s now discuss a few of the most prominent features of office carpet tiles;

  • Coverage

Office carpet tiles are designed to offer high coverage. Furthermore, they offer great safety features without the hefty labor, cost, and time of wall-to-wall carpeting installation. Office carpet tiles easily snap together to create a seamless look and they come in versatile colors to complement your office space.

  • Functionality

Office carpet tiles are made of different materials, but all offer of them offer aggressive debris and dirt scraping to maintain messes and moisture. Many manufacturers offer these tiles with a high-low hobnail surface pattern to effectively scrub dirty and wet shoes.

  • Cleanliness

The cleanliness of office carpet tiles is relatively easier than wall-to-wall carpets.  Regular cleaning with a steam cleaner or a vacuum will do the trick. Also, if these tiles get stained, you’ll not need to remove the entire carpet as with wall-t0-wall carpets. Just remove the damaged or stained tile and replace it with the new one. Simple as that!

Considering The Disadvantages Of Office Carpet Tiles

While office carpet tiles offer many advantages, they offer some disadvantages, too.

  • Edge Fray

One of the biggest issues with office carpet tiles is that when they begin to wear out, you’ll experience some sort of fraying. This can ruin the overall look of the flooring.

  • Risk Of Disfigurement

Many office carpet tiles come with a rubber backer that makes them extremely durable. But sometimes, the backer can cause serious issues such as disfigurement (tiles can become disfigured, warped, or oddly shaped).

Just make sure that you look closely at the advantages and disadvantages of office carpet tiles before getting them installed in your office!