How to pick the right size oak beam ​​


When it comes to choosing the size of your oak beam, it is important to consider your desired aesthetic and functionality. A good starting point in this process is finding photos that showcase the look you are aiming for. Platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are abundant with ideas and inspiration that can guide you in creating a similar style.

Oak beams offer a timeless and rustic charm to any space, whether it be for structural support or decorative purposes. By exploring visual references, you can gain a clearer understanding of the dimensions that will best suit your project.

Ultimately, selecting the right size of oak beam requires careful consideration of both practical requirements and personal preferences.

The length of the beam can often be the easiest thing you decide on. Some people like the full width of their fireplace to be covered by the beam whilst others like to match the length with the width of their hearth or even their TV so there’s a bit more symmetry to the space.

Personally, we prefer the look of a beam coming in a good few inches from the end of the chimney breast, in line with hearth, but this isn’t always the best option and of course, not everyone has a chimney breast or a hearth to match too.

The great thing is… there is no wrong answer and the size of your chosen beam is a completely personal preference. If you’re still in need of inspiration, then take a peek inside our customer homes and find some inspiration to help kick-start your next project.