Fed Up with Your Air Conditioning Shutting Off Arbitrarily?


We’ll help you repair this discouraging air conditioning issue. If your cooling system is turning off by itself, your air conditioning might have amongst the following problems:

  • Thermostat is damaged
  • The condensate line is obstructed
  • AC isn’t obtaining adequate airflow


Let’s consider each of these concerns in more information below.

Thermostat is malfunctioning

You can consider the thermostat as the “mind” of your air conditioner. The thermostat sends out signals to your air conditioner system, informing it when to activate, as well as off.

Like all sorts of electric tools, thermostats can in some cases malfunction. The device itself could be causing mistakes or the electrical wiring that links the thermostat to the AC can create a short, creating the system to turn off when it’s not intended to.

You need to contact a specialist to evaluate the thermostat as well as replace any kind of malfunctioning cable.

The air conditioner isn’t obtaining enough airflow

To correctly cool your home, your AC unit needs to bring in a stream of cozy air from your home. If your AC isn’t getting sufficient air, parts like the blower will function tougher to cool your house. Eventually, these components can get too hot, as well as close down the air conditioner.

Among the greatest restrictors of airflow is a filthy air filter. Given that all air that enters your AC needs to go through the filter, if the filter is obstructed with dirt, air can’t travel through.

Examine your air filter to make sure it’s tidy. If you see that the filter is covered in dirt, replace it with a new one.

Various other root causes of reduced airflow include:

  • Obstructed vents: Make sure all the vents in your home are open as well as unhampered so air can easily go into the return vents as well as exit the supply vents.
  • Leaking ducts: You can have an expert evaluate your ductwork to try to find separated ducts or leaks.
  • Fan issues: If your blower fan motor is malfunctioning, then your AC will have a hard time pulling in an adequate quantity of air. A specialist will require to examine the fan as well as possibly replace the fan motor if it’s broken.

The condensate line is obstructed

Your air conditioning system takes in moisture from your house’s warm air. This moisture, called condensation, drain pipes out of your home through a pipe so it doesn’t leakage into your residence.

Sometimes debris and dirt can get in the condensate pipe as well as produce a blockage. Instead of draining beyond your home, this condensation supports into a drainpipe frying pan. If the water gets to a particular level, it can trigger a button that will shut down your air conditioning.

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