A Comprehensive Guide to OSHA Confined Space Entry Training and Certification


If an individual is working in or around confined spaces, then he is likely to complete the OSHA confined spaces training online course. Talking about confined spaces these spaces are partially or fully enclosed areas that are spacious enough for a worker to clean, maintain, repair, or inspect but aren’t designed to work regularly there. One might be thinking, what the need for OSHA confined space training is? It will help workers to learn how they can improve workplace safety levels, reduce accidents, and other essential details. Read further to know everything about OSHA confined space training and certification.

What is OSHA Confined Space Entry Training?

An OSHA confined space entry training is a course based on the permit-required confined space standards stated by OSHA for general industry or construction. The federal agency introduced these standards to help workers work safely in confined spaces.

Once the training is complete, the candidate must take an exam to evaluate his safety knowledge and skills required to work in confined spaces. On passing the exam successfully, he will receive certification to prove that he met OSHA’s standards for confined spaces.

What is covered in OSHA Confined Space Entry Training?

The OSHA confined spaces training online make sure that anyone working in a confined space is fully trained in the following:

  • Identifying potential hazards related to working in confined spaces.
  • Evaluating and controlling procedures for the identified hazards.
  • Properly installing and using the equipment used to work inside the confined spaces.
  • The procedure to be followed in a situation that could present additional risk to the employee develops.
  • Using all communication and retrieval systems.
  • Working in a way that will not endanger lives.
  • Specific work that is to be done when in a confined space

What is the cost of OSHA Confined Space Entry Training?

The price and duration of confined space training courses depend on the job duties and organization providing the training. Regarding confined spaces training online, the classes generally cost between $200 and $800.

Who needs OSHA Confined Space Entry Training?

OSHA confined space entry training is recommended for all workers, including:

  • Workers who need to enter or work in confined spaces.
  • Employees who have to work in permit-required confined spaces.
  • Employers who need to supervise workers working in confined and permit-required confined spaces.
  • Workers working in pipes, pits, tanks, silos, and sumps.

Some specific jobs that require employees to complete OSHA confined space entry training are building engineers, firefighters, HVAC technicians, pipeline employees, construction workers, maintenance technicians, emergency response personnel, welders, and other jobs.


Confined space training is crucial for workers to work seamlessly without any risk in confined spaces. This specific training is mandated for the workers working in the general industry worksites and construction industries. Moreover, these training courses increase awareness, help determine risks, and ensure proper qualifications. But not all courses are designed equally and, thus, can provide essential benefits. Therefore, always choose the online confined space course that trains the workers while meeting OSHA’s standards.